Smart DNS

Intelligent personal Internet Security on Cloud



State of the Art Enterprise Internet Security and Accelerator on your Premise


Web Media Accelerator

Caching Server Support CDN, Video/Audio, Dynamic Web and Application



Anonymous Internet Surfing entire of your Network made possible

Your Internet - Surfing Experiences Need Attention!

Katmir Networks made your day easier with edging technologies that we build for you. Surfing internet now can be extremely fast, secure and under-control. We covered the need of your business for Personal, Home, SoHo, SMB and Enterprise. No software required to install, it accelerates and protect all Devices in Computer networks, deliver to you both SaaS and On premise to support your IT infrastructure environment build on Virtual or Secure hardware appliance.

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URL Filtering

Gain controls to block all unwanted websites based on content, keyword or categories. Regardless of any languages.

Spam, Phishing and Malware Protection

Prevent you from all Attacker networks, Zero-day threats.

Video, Web and CDN Accelerator

Next generation of Media caching. More than 80% bandwidth Save.

Anonymous Surf

Surveillance Program reacts, Your Privacy comes First!

Devices and Users Control

Internet access Policy enforcement, support All devices and Enterprise Users Directory services.

Gain Visibility

Know where your Internet services should improve. Compliance for Internet activities log.

Virtual Environment support

Green IT, fully support VMware, Hyper-V and KVM.

Zero Maintenance

Set once and forget it. Work as you expected all the time.

Now the Internet is in the Air, everyone is using it as a part of daily life everywhere in the world. From Big Internet networks like Telco, Internet service provider, Enterprise, Education drill down until to home and personal are expecting better Internet experiences.

    Katmir Networks' focus to enhance your Internet Networks, build the system with a mechanism to Speed up the content delivery and maintain Security. We have secured you to away from the Bad guys out there that using the Internet to abuse or attack. Yet, to control and monitor the Internet usages will become easy and possible for all of your family members, employee or customers, also keep all of the information private with No track all the time.

    Katmir's product families required no software installation, it controls on the network layer. With Katmir's Cloud management Console, you can be very easy to manage from everywhere either on your Smartphones, tablet or PC. Katmir software design to support the virtual environment and Physical appliance. Once it had been set up, the Katmir's Cloud computer will take care of your maintenance, no need software backup or update attention. No hassle for your system administrators. Life can be free and enhance your Internet experience always with Katmir.