We SECURE your Internet FAST and SIMPLE.

Cloud based solution to provide smart DNS resolution and URL Filtering.


Over Million DNS requested per hour being protected Real time by Blue Katmir

92 Categories

With more than 130 Million database and daily web database increase more inside Blue Katmir.


Heuristic Engine

Internet domain grows very fast with Heuristic Engine, it enables Blue Katmir to have real time protection.


Black/White List

Just don't care about what the web URLs are, Blacklist to block them all and Whitelist to let them go with no condition.


Graphic Monitoring

No Bind, all internet usage in your networks become visible. Blue Katmir provide hourly report for your web requested.


DDoS/DNS Attacks

Fight against DDoS anywhere it happen. Blue Katmir implement Dynamic DDoS protection, If client in Networks affected.


User Transparent

BYOD become reality. Any devices we don't care, Blue Katmir protected them all. No software required installation.


Cloud Cloud Cloud

Nothing you got to invest to have Great Technologies on hand. It is SaaS, which by utilizing your existing device/systems.


Firewall Friendly

Only 3 steps get to be done. To work with any Firewalls named you love. pfSense, OpenWRT, Mikrotik and etc.



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When shall I use Blue Katmir?

I want to prevent the adult content, gambling and illegal website for my kid.

I don't want my employee visit unproductive website in our Networks.

I want my internet subscriber have a better way to control Web access.

I want to away from Scam, Phishing, malware and all attacker networks.

Our policy to stop all users visit illegal websites refer to the regulation in our country.

I want to stop DDoS amplification attack from affected Computer devices in our Networks.

I don't want to see advertisement banner during my internet surfing.

I want to know the internet usage statistic of our tenant inside my Apartment.

Screenshots Blue Katmir Dashbaord

Empower your internet control using Blue Katmir technologies

Blue Katmir provides Web based Cloud Console that you can access from everywhere. It’s support PC, Smart Phone and Tablets Devices. Its designs to be ease of use and very efficient to control and manage your Internet access policy as well as Monitor your Internet usages.

Global and Personal Based Black Keyword

We have researched the Black Keywords mostly to prevent adult content. You can turn on to use our Global Black Keyword or you can define the Black Keyword to use from here. It supports any languages.